• Image of Foreign Objects "Genesis 12/A" Limited Edition 7" Vinyl (two colors!)

Genesis 12/A's underway!

Distant Recordings and World of Rock Records are teaming up to bring you the Foreign Objects "Universal Culture Shock" 7" vinyl box set, comprised of each song from the album bundled with an assortment of rarely/never-before-heard demo tracks, alternate versions, and more!

"Genesis 12/A", backed with its 1996 demo as a B-side, is the second installment in the ten-single vinyl series. It comes in either blue or yellow 7-inch wax, both opaque.

Each vinyl is hand-numbered with an etch right by the center of each label. There are 125 copies in opaque blue, with 125 in opaque yellow.

We are pressing one song from the album at a time to allow collectors to snag each one before they run out! By the end of the series, very little complete sets will exist, and each person that has purchased each set will have the opportunity to get a Foreign Objects collector's box to store and display their records in!

Track Listing:
Side A: Genesis 12/A
Side B: Genesis 12/A (1996 demo)

Pre-order now! Shipping at the end of Summer!

Maximum purchase quantity is 5 per color, per customer!

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